CEO Profile

Mr. Kiyimba Joseph

He is one of the leading entrepreneurs and businessmen in Kampala City and Masaka town. He boasts of a wealth of experience in managing indigenous enterprises and seeing them grow from scratch. Mr. Kiyimba has been in business all his life, first as a merchandising trader, then an entertainment entrepreneur and later evolving into manufacturing mogul behind companies like Ambiance Discotheque, and Ambiance Distillers Uganda (Ltd). Joseph is a shrewd businessman with a strong acumen for success and a passion for greatness. He compensated his early departure from formal education- at Senior Four, with intensive apprenticeship, first-hand business learning through practice and demonstration, often taking risks and leveraging high returns of many of the ventures he undertakes. Mr. Kiyimba is a member of Kampala’s leading business think-tank, the “Kwagalana Group”, a league of wealthy top 50 Ugandan billionaires and business people who come together for a common goal of contributing to growth of business and Uganda’s economy with shared values of commitment, dedication, philanthropy, and trust.

Kiyimba as CEO of Ambiance Tree Farm has seen the farm grow into a business hub using his own resources, time and dedication. The CEO has invested billions of shillings in the purchase of forests, growing of his own forests, purchase and installation of machinery, plus construction of office premises even before he would sell a single tree. Joseph prides in a career that combines enviable workmanship, trustworthiness, and philanthropy that has seen him mentor members of his own family into serious business executives that would ensure sustainability and going concern for all his enterprises. Mr. Kiyimba is a devoted family man, a loving father, a dedicated business leader, a responsible tax payer, and benevolent member of his society. His uninterrupted business experience of over 24 years offers a great opportunity for Ambiance Tree Farm to grow and thrive into one of the leading enterprises in Uganda.