Our Plantations

Ambiance Tree Farm Plantations

Ambiance Tree Farm has a total of 2338 acres(-approximately 2 square miles) of forest plantations on which we grow our trees. The farm operates three major plantation zones or regions, that is; Greater Masaka Region,Butambala-Gomba region and Mukono-Buikwe. The major tree species that are grown on these plantations include Eucalyptus (GU), Pine, and Alcaria. Eucalyptus forms the vast majority of forests that Ambiance Tree Farm have. Majority of our forests are grown in National Forests Authority’s reserves. The farm pays annual license fees of 1000 per tree, and a certificate to operate forests in these areas. The farm has also acquired private land on which it grows forests in areas of Butambala-Gomba and Lugazi.

Kyansusu Plantations
Greater Masaka Plantations

Kyansusu. (150 Acres)

Wabitembe Plantations
Greater Masaka Plantations

Wabitembe (75 acres)

Lugazi-Buikwe Plantations
Greater Masaka Plantations

Lugazi-Masaka (75 acres)- different from Lugazi-Buikwe

Kyera Block Plantation
Greater Masaka Plantations

Kyera Block (85 acres).

Nabukunge Plantations
Greater Masaka Plantations

Nabukunge Block (450 acres)

Mpigi Plantations
Butambala-Gomba/ Mpigi Region

Mpigi (450 acres)