The farm has acquired over 2.5 Square miles of land in different National Forest Reserves and Private Mailo land


There is a huge and growing market for eucalyptus and other types of utility poles in Uganda.


Ambiance tree farm has outsourced a qualified labour force to ensure production of high quality products


The managers of Ambiance Tree Farm have a combined experience of over 50 years in business

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The farm is a private limited company, a subsidiary of Ambiance Group of Companies Uganda Limited. Ambiance Tree Farm has two Business Units, including Ambiance Tree Farm and Ambiance Wood Factory. Ambiance tree farm has a total land area of 2.5square miles of forest land, covered with a combination of Eucalyptus, Alcaria, and Pine trees of all sizes.

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Ambiance Tree Farm is a subsidiary of Ambiance Group of Companies, a Private Limited Company. The company’s main production plant is located in Kamutuuza 2 kilometers from Buwama trading center, along Kampala-Masaka Highway, Bugonzi parish, Bukulula Sub County in Kalungu District.

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The farm was started in 2019 as a tree farming business unit with an aim of widening its operations to utility wood production and supply of Construction wood

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Ambiance Tree Farm has a total of 2338 acres(-approximately 2.5 square miles) of forest plantations on which we grow our trees. The farm operates three major plantation zones or regions, that is; Greater Masaka Region,Butambala-Gomba region and Mukono-Buikwe.

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There is a huge and growing market for eucalyptus and other types of utility poles in Uganda. The demand for hydro-electricity in Uganda is very high, given the construction of two major hydro-electricity dams, that is, Karuma Hydro –Electricity plant and Isimba Dam.